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Business Process Management is a process-centric approach to improving the operational efficiency of a business; any business. It is a management discipline that looks at the way a business operates, in order to: understand it, document it, analyze it, monitor it and finally improve it!
Businesses waste a lot of money, time and effort on inefficient processes, often without even realizing it or formally accounting for it.By engaging in a Business Process Management journey towards Operational Excellence, businesses can in fact benefit in numerous different ways.
Is reducing your headcount really the only answer in times of financial austerity? Businesses should instead address inherent operational deficiencies and strategise a long-term survival plan to overcome the crisis. BPM can help businesses survive during turbulent times and prosper after the storm, by improving the way they do business.
There’s good reason why the road to operational excellence is less travelled than others. Declaring war on wasteful activities requires discipline, determination and the willingness to continuously improve. Most companies don’t have the know-how nor the tools to take on the challenge.